One complete set includes the following parts:

1) 2x Mirror covers (LH+RH), well painted.
2) 2x Folding Motors (LH+RH) OEM for Highlander;
3) 2x LED direction lights (LH+RH);
4) 1x Mirrors Control Switch, original type;
5) 1x Control Box for Auto Folding;
6) 1x Wire Harness to plug with control box, original socket and mirror control switch;
7) 1x wire harness with plug terminals for folding motor control;
8) 3x quick wire connector to connect constant power, ground and locking cable;
9) 1x product instruction;
10) 1x installation illustration with installation details;



1) Power Folding/unfolding;

2) Automatic Folding/unfolding;

3) Mirror Angle Adjustment, remain unchanged;

4) Heated Mirror: remain unchanged if have;

5) Puddle Light: remain unchanged if have;

6) LED Turn Light in yellow color;

7) LED Running Light in Blue color;  

8) Original Power folding switch included;

9) OEM folding motor included;